A Bespoke Law Firm®

Every business deserves savvy, attentive legal counsel – but not all businesses have the need or the budget for their own legal department. At Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, we serve as outside general counsel for businesses that want to turn our seasoned guidance into opportunity.

The Attention Your Issues Deserve.

Founded With A Focus On Fulfilling All Of Our Clients’ Needs.


We assist all segments of the fashion industry from boutique retailers to global online brands and resellers.

Food & Beverage

We’re there to help ensure your business can operate without hindrance from regulation or any other challenges.


We understand the level of support technology businesses need to be able to navigate the unique challenges they face.


Ideally, you should utilize outside counsel to help you take a proactive approach to risk management.


For businesses operating in the health care field, there are a great number of legal issues that need to be considered.

Other Industries

Our clients are united by a desire for attentive, flexible general counsel that fits their business goals.

Experienced General Counsel

At the Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, a bespoke law firm®, our firm was founded by attorney Rania V. Sedhom. In working to serve her clients, she saw a need for comprehensive assistance and unlimited access to seasoned guidance on the full range of topics that affect their businesses.
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Custom-Tailored Legal Services

“Bespoke” simply means custom-made. But, it is the experience involved in obtaining something custom-made, and in this case, obtaining legal services, that distinguishes this firm from others.


What we provide to our clients is the ability to immediately access the counsel they need to be able to make informed decisions in a time-critical manner.


We are able to offer assistance on many issues that you or your business may be facing. That ability to deliver the practical solutions our clients need on critical issues sets us a part.

We are an enlightened and socially conscious company.

Helping the disadvantaged through both charitable works and financial giving is of paramount importance to our attorneys. Not only does 10 percent of our net income go to worthy organizations, all firm attorneys volunteer their time to causes that are personally important to them. Some of those charitable organizations are hurricane relief funds, crisis funds for victims of political unrest and also religious organizations helping Copts globally.

Monetize Your Business™

We are attorneys with business acumen that helps you monetize your business.

We understand the industries that we support and how their business works. That experience allows us to offer insightful solutions that can create real advantages for your business. In the end, our goal is to facilitate your success, and we will do what we can to serve that end. If we cannot help you, we will help you find the right legal resources to meet your needs.

What Sets Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, Apart?

Bespoke for me is a philosophy and attitude of serving at the highest level possible while developing a true relationship with the company decision-makers in order to help companies monetize their business, navigate the ever-changing and global legal landscape, and continue to be a brand of choice (both internally and externally).
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