Our Approach

Alternative Billing Arrangements

Our attorneys are here to help businesses succeed. To realize that goal, we marry efficiency with profit and service to maximize productivity.

We prefer flat-fee billing arrangements over hourly fees.

Why? Because this allows us to devote our time to solving your problems, rather than watching the clock. We do not need to write off time, offer blended rates, or debate hours billed.

At the heart of our approach is understanding: We know how businesses function, and we provide business owners with access to a legal team that understands their industry and is fully committed to realizing their vision.

For all matters other than litigation, mediation, arbitration, hearings, and audits, we offer:

  • Flat fees on one-time projects
  • Flat monthly retainer fees covering unlimited transactions in the selected practice areas

Our flat, retainer fees are based upon:

  • Company size;
  • Regulatory framework;
  • Complexity of the matters for which we are responsible;
  • The number of locations of the business;
  • The areas of practice for which we are responsible.
  • Existing clients also receive reduced hourly fees on hourly billed matters (such as litigation).

Because we are here to help monetize your business and support you, we guarantee our retainer fees for at least one year.


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