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Every business deserves savvy, attentive legal counsel — but not all businesses have the need or the budget for their own legal department. At the Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, we serve as outside general counsel for businesses that want to turn our seasoned guidance into opportunity.

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Meet The Attorneys Of Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, A Bespoke Law Firm®

Early in her career, attorney Rania V. Sedhom identified a need in the business community for representation that understood their businesses and how best to serve them. She developed the bespoke approach to law. Bespoke law is a unique approach to the law that offers custom solutions to all of our clients’ needs. We offer alternative billing arrangements so that you can focus on your business and our relationship, rather than on your invoice for our services. Much like the bespoke tailors on Savile Row, our goal is to make you feel so important at the time of service, that it is as if you are our only client.

Our team of lawyers provides counsel and advocacy to business leaders on the issues they face. By taking a comprehensive approach to meeting our clients’ needs we have been able to develop long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships allow us to learn who our clients are, what their goals are and how best to help them make the most of their businesses and strike a balance between monetizing their business and complying with often onerous regulations. Your success is our goal.

The relationships we develop with our clients have also taught us a great deal about their industries. We understand the regulatory environments and the competition that our clients face. Our firsthand knowledge of the industries we serve coupled with the unlimited access we provide to our counsel and our available flat monthly billing puts continued success within reach for all of our clients.

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You and your business deserve premiere legal support. Turn to Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, a bespoke law firm®. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers, call 212-664-1600 or contact us online.