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What is a utility patent and why are they important?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Patents are important forms of intellectual property. They provide owners with the exclusive rights to make and create their own inventions without competition or copies for an established period of time. When a New Yorker creates a new product or process that they wish to protect from competitors, they can seek patent protections with the help of intellectual property attorneys.

There are several different types of patents, and one important type is the utility patent. This post will discuss utility patents and what distinguishes them from other kinds of patents. Readers are encouraged to use this post as a starting point to learn about patents, but no part of this post should be read as legal advice.

Utility patents: A review

Utility patents might be the type of patents that individuals think of when they consider this area of the law. A utility patent protects an invention, machine, manufacture, or process for a new product. Items covered by utility patents might include new technologies, chemicals, or items made through manufacturing.

Utility patents are sometimes confused with design patents. A design patent protects the way a product looks, rather than what it is or does. Some products may need both design and utility patents to be fully protection from copies and competition.

Getting a patent to protect intellectual property

The development and creation of a product can take time, money, and effort. An inventor may work for years to make something new and unique for production. When they do, they deserve to have their work product shielded from competitors who may try to make easy money off the original creator’s plans.

Intellectual property attorneys are knowledgeable about patent laws and how to protect the work products of their clients. Their experience can save inventors important resources that they can otherwise dedicate to their next great creations.