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When is it time to create a trademark?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Nearly every successful company has a strong brand. When you see advertisements and products from a company, you expect to see their logo, maybe a consistent color pallet and sometimes a commercial jingle. Without those key ingredients, many companies wouldn’t be where they are today.

When growing your business, you know that your brand needs to speak a thousand words. But, once you have your brand, what’s stopping other people from stealing your business appearance and passing themselves off as you? Typically, people rely on copyrights to protect their ideas, artwork, original designs and products – but they need a trademark to protect their brand.

A trademark is integral to your brand development

When should you make a trademark, and how does it protect your business? Essentially, you need to register a trademark early to help your brand grow without worrying that others will piggyback on your success by imitating you.

A trademark allows businesses to ensure their identity is protected. This may include protecting their name, theme, logo and more from being copied. Many businesses don’t worry about creating trademarks and often ignore their copyright privileges, which can lead to lost customers and legal issues. It can also lead to brand confusion, which can tarnish your company’s overall reputation.

When growing a business, it may be best to think early about putting a trademark on your brand identifiers. This can protect a business in the long run. However, trademark laws can be confusing and business owners may need to reach out for legal help to ensure they know their rights and options.