Counsel that understand the needs of the health care industry

For businesses operating in the health care field, there many legal issues to consider on the regulatory, employment, and business law fronts. Successfully operating in the field requires the ability to balance law, business, and people. Our seasoned counsel can help you effectively manage the concerns that can create disruption.

Providing experienced service for Management Services

MSO’s must stay up to date – and in compliance – with an overlapping network of regulations which vary across the facilities, medical practices, and third-party contractors with whom they interact. Our seasoned professionals can help you set up your MSO for success and keep you compliant as regulations evolve.

Some of the services that our clients in the healthcare industry seek assistance include:

  • Audits

    — The health care industry is highly regulated. There are many audits to ensure compliance. Successful completion of these audits is essential for continued operation. Our firm can help you navigate the challenges these audits present including licensing and regulatory compliance.

  • Offer letters

    — Physicians groups, clinics and pharmacies can benefit from having experienced counsel as they negotiate offer letters and severance agreements. We also assist individual physicians in reviewing offer letters and exit packages.

  • Partnership agreements

    — Properly created partnership agreements can eliminate many difficulties as the partnership progresses. By dealing with issues such as control, responsibilities, finances, life changes, and other matters in the partnership agreement, you can help foster the success of your business. A partnership agreement that fails to look into the future leaves too much room for litigation as partners voluntarily leave, or are terminated from, the partnership.

  • Contracts with vendors

    — Every business has ties to other businesses that affect its success. We can help ensure that your vendor relationships are beneficial and that your rights and expectations are protected by contract.


Other issues that arise in which we offer assistance are:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Data privacy and security


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