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General Counsel Services

The guidance of in-house legal team is crucial for a company’s success, but maintaining an entire legal department is not always practical. Executives consequently deal with unforeseen legal issues on their own. Sedhom Law Group acts as outside general counsel to these companies so the executives can focus on what’s important: the operations and growth of their companies. We also eliminate legalese from our vocabulary so our clients can always understand the documents they’re signing. Our experience in a wide range of industries allows us to identify opportunities for growth and profit, not just respond to a company’s immediate legal issues.

Corporate & Corporate Finance

Businesses face a variety of challenges that stand between them and success. Many of those issues can be overcome with the guidance of seasoned counsel. We pride ourselves on offering business owners the full support they need by offering practical solutions to complex problems.

  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law

Employment Law & Employee Benefits

Complex Federal and State laws govern the employment relationship. We help our client manage that relationship by creating employee handbooks and policies that create a positive and productive workplace. We also offer advice regarding employment classifications and statuses; wage and hour laws; leave policies; laws regarding hiring, firing, and conducting background checks; employee benefits (e.g., defined benefit or compensation plans, bonuses, and fringe benefits); non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants; independent contractor relationships; and other employment matters that affect your business. We also advise on matters related to executive compensation, including stock options, bonuses, and employment contracts.

Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

Copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are some of a company’s most valuable assets. We help clients obtain, maintain, and enforce their intellectual property rights. We do so by providing practical advice and helping clients take the next step forward. Sometimes that means drafting a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement; sometimes that means sending a cease-and-desist letter; sometimes that means commencing litigation. Whatever the next step is, we act quickly and zealously to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Healthcare Law

Businesses have numerous options for raising capital. Having worked with leading small- and mid-sized businesses across many industries, we explore and identify financing options that match your business’s unique structure, values and needs, whether it’s a small business loan; opening a line of credit; or selling equity in your company through convertible notes, Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs), or issuing preferred stock to investors.


We advise that litigation should be the last resort when conflicts arise. The process is not only costly, but it is time-consuming and emotionally draining. However, we understand that litigation may be the best course of action, so we develop an effective litigation strategy that saves time, money, and headaches, while also helping to secure the best possible outcome under the circumstances.



The fashion world is fast paced, but we’re faster. We assist all segments of the fashion space, from boutique retailers to global brands and resellers. We work with clothing, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and home good brands. We offer practical legal advice so our clients can make informed business decisions in real time. As a full service firm we offer support in corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law and corporate finance.

Logistics & International Trade

The logistics industry—from trucking and distribution to warehousing and third-party logistics—face challenges in employing the proper personnel and complying with burdensome regulatory demands. They also deal with I-9 and immigration issues, data and privacy security, and the possible seizure of goods. Our attorneys not only handle these concerns, but prevent them by offering clients straightforward advice to avoid those issues altogether.

Food, Beverage & Alcohol

The food and beverage industries are heavily regulated. For example, did you know that certain alcohol-related goods such as cork screws and decanters cannot be shipped in the same box, or from the same warehouse, as wine? Our attorneys offer guidance regarding the import and export of your food and drinks, the sale of your products online and in-store, and the other laws governing your business. Because we are a full-service firm, we also offer our clients guidance on employment matters, intellectual property, contracts, and other issues facing their businesses.


We advise physical therapy practices, pharmacies, nursing homes and Management Services Company (“MSOS”) and other health-related entities on various matters such as the Stark law, the corporate practice of medicine, locum tenens placements, employment law, and intellectual property matters.


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