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Every business deserves savvy, attentive legal counsel — but not all businesses have the need or the budget for their own legal department. At the Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, we serve as outside general counsel for businesses that want to turn our seasoned guidance into opportunity.

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Managing Your Relationship With Executives, Employees and Independent Contractors

Business owners face several obstacles and must manage several strategies with employees and independent contractors alike. There are numerous state and federal laws that govern the employment relationship. Compliance with this complex set of laws can be difficult without experienced counsel that can help you take appropriate and practical actions.

Our focus on the employment relationship allows us to offer highly effective counsel and advocacy on:

  • Employment law – From employee manuals and helping our clients create appropriate policies that foster productive and positive relations between you and your employees, we are there to help our clients with all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. To that end, we consult and advise on matters related to:
    • Employee classification
    • Hiring, firing, and background checks
    • Severance agreements, noncompete agreements and other restrictive covenants
    • State wage and hour laws and FLSA
    • Paid and unpaid leave
    • Independent contractors
    • Commission agreements
    • other employment matters
  • Executive compensation – Determining how much you should pay your executives and what form that compensation should take can be crucial to attracting and maintaining your executive talent. We assist with:
    • Employment contracts
    • Bonus pay
    • Stock options
    • Change of control
    • Separation pay
    • Other executive compensation matters
  • Employee benefits – What benefits you offer your employees can also have a determining effect on the quality of employees you are able to attract and retain. Our firm can assist you with your company’s:
    • Defined compensation plans (e.g.¸401(k))
    • Defined benefit plans
    • Fringe benefit Plans
    • Bonus plans
    • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
    • The impact of 26 IRC § 409A
    • Other employee benefit matters

A Bespoke Law Firm®

At the Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, a bespoke law firm®, we are focused on delivering the experienced counsel businesses need to make sound decisions that protect their best interests and appropriately reward their employees. Our decades of experience in counseling business owners and businesses has taught us what matters most to maintain a successful business.

Attorney Rania V. Sedhom established our firm with the aim of providing comprehensive counsel on an ongoing basis for flat fees so that business owners may enjoy the benefit of having the advice they need when they need it without suffering from spikes in billing. After all, the attorneys at Sedhom Law Group are attorneys with business acumen that help you monetize your business.

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