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Every business deserves savvy, attentive legal counsel — but not all businesses have the need or the budget for their own legal department. At the Sedhom Law Group, PLLC, we serve as outside general counsel for businesses that want to turn our seasoned guidance into opportunity.

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What Others Are Saying

As a small business owner in NYC, things come up all the time as you grow and it is important to be advised by an expert. Rania and her team provide us with tangible, practical solutions to our complex problems. We consider her and her firm to be an integral part of our business. We recommend Sedhom Law Group PLLC without reservation.

Greg Babiec

I have known Rania for some years now and worked with her and her team on several HR issues. I have to say, she is definitely my “go-to” counsel. She is not only witty but extremely conversant in every facet of the law and takes pride in her law business. I can always count on Rania for the purest truth, even when I don’t want to hear it. She is a respectable lawyer in her field and has always been professional in our business endeavors. I am confident in her counsel and highly recommend her services under Sedhom Law Group.

– Patricia Strong
Kanematsu USA

Working with Rania Sedhom has been an absolute pleasure. She is informed, highly professional and responsive. We have worked alongside her on various different projects, ranging from contractual agreements with press and sales agencies, as well as with private label and design consultation positions. We always felt that she had our best interest as the designer in mind. She is incredibly well-versed in the world of luxury goods and the luxury market, something that is essential when asking for legal advice in these areas. She is amicable, encouraging and supportive. In a world where the designer is often taken for granted, it is invaluable to have the support of someone as dedicated as Rania is to providing the strongest legal guidance possible. We would recommend Rania to all luxury brands.

– Phoebe and Annette Stephens
Anndra Neen

Although needing an attorney or legal advice typically means that one may be under a great deal of stress, Rania Sedhom brings a calm confidence to each situation that tends to ease any unnecessary worry. She has a clear matter-of-fact attitude balanced with a down-to-earth and witty approach that I have come to sincerely appreciate. I trust her advice and actually look forward to our meetings. Her timeliness is impeccable, and she tends to go above and beyond her duties. As a small business owner and artist, I feel confident that I have Rania to turn to for all legal matters, particularly matters related to employment and the labor board and general matters of legality that I need help deciphering. I highly recommend Rania for expert legal advice.

-Brynne Billingsley
Progressive Pilates Williamsburg

Rania’s book, How to Choose the Best Attorney to Help you Monetize Your Business: 5 Practical Tips For Business Owners, C-Level Executives and In-House Counsel, is an insightful guide for better understanding how an attorney should be working to monetize your business. The five practical tips are essential to a synergistic relationship and yet often overlooked by businesses when searching for an attorney. She reminds the reader what is important when entering into a new business relationship and does so in a concise, enjoyable and plain language way that is unexpected and refreshing. The “bespoke” approach to in-house counsel will change the way people think about legal representation.

– Christopher Olshan, Chief Marketing Officer, The Luxury Marketing Council

As an owner of a business, there are a lot of challenges and obstacles one must face. As my business has grown it has been increasingly more difficult to stay on top of government regulations, labor laws, affordable health care act and many other legal issues that constantly arise. It is often the case that when a legal or any other type of problem arises we reach out for legal counsel after the fact. It has been my experience dealing with many different lawyers that they are only interested in putting a bandaid on the issue at hand, stop the bleeding, but never look at the business as a whole, never getting to the source of the why problems arose and bill me for every single second I engaged them. For years I was very hesitant to contact a lawyer for advice.

After years of dealing with frustrating lawyers, I met Rania Sedhom. Rania was welcoming and happy to speak with me, she showed in protecting my business not only in one instance but offered a proactive approach to prevent issues.

Rania spent the time to understand my business. She looked at my businesses potential and became a part of making it successful. She has helped me implement policies and procedures to improve and protect my business. Rania is not only a well-rounded attorney, she is one of my most trusted advisors on all business matters. I highly recommend her.

-Ernie Cappello, CEO, Window – Fix, Inc.

I was referred to Rania over a year ago by one of my close friends. I attended an executive compensation seminar where Rania was a presenter. The information was very informative and relative to our current business environment. I am in the financial service industry and this was important information for both me and my clients.

Rania and I have worked together with mutual clients on a number of cases. She is an expert in employee benefits and has helped me and my clients with understanding (Obama Care) the Affordable Care Act. She is working closely in the negotiation process for one of my client’s as an expert on the Affordable Care Act.

I feel confident in working with Rania and her firm. I would recommend her services to any business client who has questions on employee benefits or is looking for guidance and advice in these areas.

-Patrick P. Luckart, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Rania Sedhom is the most pragmatic, efficient and prompt attorney that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There is absolutely no delay in response, in completing a task or in conferencing with other attorneys, when necessary. She is straightforward, honest, ethical and fair in all areas. It is always a pleasure working with her.

I recommend her whenever given the opportunity and will always use her services when necessary.

– Dr. Rotimi Akinyemiju, Former COO, Moda Operandi, Inc.